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Mid Call Transfer

Free phone lines up by utilising this unique service, which automatically routes calls in the network to pre-defined locations. This service can be used for home-worker oriented companies who have decentralised their operations and who want to close expensive offices down. This might include, but not be limited to, travel agencies who want their part-time staff to answer calls at home and who do not want to invest in expensive call centers.

For companies wishing to avoid the costs of a BT ISDN30 upgrade from BT ISDN2e where it is not really required. This will also allow companies to share telephone resources by transferring the call between offices at no extra cost.

This improves customer handling as they do not get hung up and have to re-dial alternative telephone numbers.

Another example of where this service might prove useful is smaller solicitors and accountants who may be on the phone but do not want to miss a call, so the call is transferred seamlessly to a call handling bureau.

Organisations may have a bse in one location and not have sufficient resources to handle the calls and instead of tying up extra ISDN channels, its possible to route the call automatically to any other destination.

It is also possible to have a range of DDIs in a hunt group and have an overseas office as part of that hunt group when resources to answer calls are scarce.

How Does This System Work?

The call will go through to the target number where the B party will answer the call.

If they wish to transfer the A Party they can press the # key

The destination number is then entered (C Party number)

At this point the A party listens to classical music as the B and C parties talk

The B party can then either connect the two parties together by pressing * (star) or if the C party does not want to be disturbed the B party can press # to be reconnected to the A party.

Advantages of this system

  • No expensive hardware as the service is hosted off the PABX in the telecoms network.
  • By pressing the hash # key callers can be re-routed instantly anywhere in the world.
  • If the agent is busy it automatically routes the call to a pre-defined location, which can be changed at a moments notice, via an online portal.
  • System can be combined with any Virtual Non-Geographical number such as , , , , .

How much is my investment?

There is a one off cost of £150.00, plus an annual service charge of £399.00.

All costs are exclusive of VAT.