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1. Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes, The minimum term for a Virtual UK STD number is 12 months. All other numbers are 90 days.

2. How can I cancel my service?

We require written notice by mail or by telephone - our inbound calls are recorded. Please see the contact us section.

3. What Currency can we accept?

We accept U.K. Sterling

3. How long does it take to deliver/connect the number, following internet order.

We provide a 24 hour guarentee to connect all numbers, irrepsective of how many you choose

4. Will I lose my existing number that I pay BT for?

No, this will stay as it is. The virtual number sits on top of your existing number - static / IP / Mobile or International. You are entitled to take as many numbers as you like and point them at the existing number as there are unlimited number of ports.

5. What happens if we don't pay?

Intelesis reserves the right to charge a reconnection fee of £100.00 per number to reconnect. The credit card details will be automatically debited.

6. How long will it take to change where a number is pointed?

Virtual UK numbers and UK 08 numbers can be changed within 2 hours.

7. How do I pay for your services?

Payments for the set up fee are taken by credit card. Monthly rentals and call charges are taken by Direct Debit 14 days after we have issued you an invoice.

8. Once a number is set up how do I change where it is pointed?

Please call us for change of termination number - see contact details.

9. Can we purchase multiple numbers and place them no the same land line number?

Yes, it is possible to route as many telephone numbers as you wish onto the chosen destination of your choice.