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Call Recording - Demand

  • No expensive Hardware required on site
  • Records both INBOUND and OUTBOUND telephone calls
  • As soon as the conversation starts the information is delivered to off-site audio servers
  • Can be applied across any geographic location
  • Ideal if wanting to record abusive calls

How does it operate?

  • The Service owner at any time during the conversation can press the ‘#’ key, from that point, the call is recorded.
  • The recording stops only when the call is cleared
  • On completion, the conversation is created into an audio file and is emailed to a specified email address.

How is the information accessed?

The off-site call recording facility stores and replays messages in the same manner as if it was a hardware based solution.

The data is held 24/7 via an online portal, utilising our secure server. The service is then accessed by your businesses selection criteria and file format (i.e. .Wav or MP3 audio files).

What is my investment?

There is a small pence per minute charge for the call itself of approximately 1 pence, which, if you are receiving inbound rebates, could be netted off against this cost.  

One off Set Up fee of £199.00
Annual recurring charge of £150.00

All costs exclude VAT.