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Call Queue (Queuing Manager)

Manage unlimited number of incoming calls.

Advantages of this system:

  • Improves call handling to manage peaks and troughs in call volumes.
  • Real time minus 15 minutes, call statistics available online from any where. Monitors individual extensions for aspects such as call duration and location.
  • Pre-determined scheduled reports.
  • Callers can be advised on the length of time to answer.



This service allows prioritization of inbound callers, based on criteria in the customer’s database. Platinum grade customers can ‘jump the queue’ and get faster connection times.

Data Capture

In the event of a non-completed call, callers are offered the option to leave their contact details in a virtual answering machine.

On Hold Messaging

Allows the company to leave a be-spoke message whilst they are in a queue Music can also be played as well.

Historical data can be viewed on

How much is my investment?

There is a one off cost of £175.00.