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Divert Plan

Larger organisations with multiple offices can route the calls into their organisation of the basis of nearest store / branch i.e. store locator

On the basis of the callers I.D. or postcode, callers can be sent to different locations. For instant a large retailer can elect to take the call into a branch with staff with relevant skills i.e. skills based routing.

This improves customer handling as they do not get hung up and have to re-dial alternative telephone numbers.

Advantages of this system

  • No expensive hardware as the service is hosted off the PABX in the telecoms network.
  • When combined with mid call transfer, organization may never have to miss a call again.
  • System can be combined with any Virtual Non-Geographical number such as , , , , .

How much is my investment?

Price on Application (depends on the complexity of the set up).

All costs are exclusive of VAT.