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Home Worker

This virtual call centre solution allows managers to take advantage of part time workers who may wish to operate from home on certain days as they may have commitments. Each home worker has a secure login to the system via a PIN code and managers can include or exclude staff at their discretion and measure the statistics of call centre agents, whether they are in the office or not.

Some call centres need to take account of planning for overflow and this is where the Homeworker Package from Intelesis comes into its own.

This solution has four elements to ensure the entire workforce is handled efficiently and effectively, these are:

  • Management Control
  • Call Flow
  • Call Statistics
  • Home Worker Attendance

Advantages of this system:

  • No expensive hardware as the service is hosted off the PABX in the telecoms network;
  • Allows an orgnisation to take advantage of part-time workers who may wish to work from home.
  • Callers are greeted with a welcome message to let them know they are being answered
  • System can be combined with any Virtual Non-Geographical number such as , , , ,

How much is my investment?

There is a one off cost of £150.00, plus a small monthly fee of £30.00.

All costs are exclusive of VAT.