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Conference Call

Conference Call enables you to conduct meetings, virtually.

The service set up could not be simpler, we offer you a PIN code access and you can email your intended audience with the number to dial in on.

Callers are greeted with a recorded message asking them to enter the relevant access code. Once the caller is accepted, all of the other delegates are notified.

The conference call also be recorded. The conference can be set up with different non-geographic numbers.

Advantages of this system:

  • No expensive hardware as the conference service is hosted off the PABX in the telecoms network;
  • Multi-party conferencing can be hosted off the company PBX, which may not support this option.
  • Callers are greeted with a welcome message to let them know they are being answered.
  • System can be combined with any Virtual Non-Geographical number such as , , , , .

How much is my investment?

There is a one off cost of £150.00, plus a small monthly fee of £30.00.

All costs are exclusive of VAT.