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Call Whisper

Call Whisper announces the originating location of the caller, thereby offering companies the opportunity to drive additional business outside of the immediate locality.

When combined with Intelesis’ Virtual STD, Network Whisper helps create a perception that the end user has an office in the local area. This service would encourage customers who are interested in using local suppliers to phone and use their services.

The Benefits of this service are as follows:-

Forewarned is Forearmed as they say, well with CallWhisper you are just that! Your salutation can be such that you know its a sales call and can take appropriate steps to ensure that you have the right person answering the call with the correct skills to adequately deal with the enquiry. If for instance you have a particular skill in selling CallWhisper services for instance, you can point your telephone number at a particular DDI or set of DDIs and that way CallWhisper will allow you to deal more professionally with the call. If you have modern telephone system with digital display handsets, you can visually see and well as hear where the call is emanating from and handle the call appropriately. NetworkWhisper is great if you are attempting to manager multiple non-geographic and geographic telephone numbers. If you have hundreds of numbers and it is priving hard to track all of the activity from multiple vendors, then why not port all of your numbers to intelesis and add NetworkWhisper and Adtracker. NetworkWhisper is a feature that allows you to know where the traffic originates from. For instance, the dialled party will hear a message saying this is a telephone enquiry from Thomson Local from London. When the dialled party answers the telephone an announcement is made via the NetworkWhisper feature, which in turn pre-warns the organisation that NetworkWhisper is delivering a telephone enquiry from a defined campaign and is therefore most likely to be a lead generated through advertising. NetworkWhisper can be used in conjunction with all 01/02/03 and 08 numbers and in turn will drive more business for your organisation. When combined with AdvertTrack, it allows you to map a cost and this will help to determine which mediums are the most important for future budgeting purposes. NetworkWhisper is a relatively new feature introduced by Intelesis in August 2008 and demonstrates that we stay ahead of the competition, just as we expect our clients to do. Therefore, NetworkWhisper is designed to offer you a strong competitive edge as the costs are low and the returns are potentially very high. In this day and age most services can be delivered very cost effectively over the internet so the need to widen the net has become increasingly more important. What is the cost of NetworkWhisper? What are the advantages of NetworkWhisper? The enquirer can have the option to have music on hold that they can listen to. NetworkWhisper can measure the effectiveness of Advertising see also AdvertTrack. Voice Message Recording facility via PIN code access No hardware required Services are delivered over an intelligent Network and therefore sits outside of the customers PBX. NetworkWhisper can be positioned to any type of phone number, including VoIP, Skype, International, Mobile, National or local, etc. It can be operated across all manner of numbers beginning with 01/02/03 or 08, etc.
  • Creates the impression that the user has multiple or local offices.
  • There is no minimum term for the service however you must notify us if you wish to cancel.
  • Numbers will be created for you within 5 days.
  • You can have as many Virtual Numbers pointing to the same UK landline.
  • This is a low cost option compared to BT Remote forwarding which is £106 per number, per quarter (saving you over £90 every quarter).

The Price for the Yell AreaCode service is as follows:-

Set Up Fee(One off Charge)

Rental Per Number Per Month

Enquiries received onto Virtual Number Charged at

£20 + VAT

£7.50 + VAT

8p per minute + VAT

Set up fees are collected by Debit and a full VAT invoice and receipt are sent in the post. Rentals and phone charges are collected monthly in arrears by Direct Debit.

Example of Use

For instance, Sheffield based businesses may to improve their market penetration of Rotherham, Chesterfield and Barnsley by taking virtual Areacode Numbers of 01709, 01246 and 01226, respectively.

Enquiries are then routed back to the Sheffield fixed telephone number.

  • Clients are able to measure how much traffic is being delivered; currently using traditional BT PSTN networks, they are not in a position to do.
  • Marketing campaigns can be measured more accurately than before. Marketing Resources can then be allocated more cost effectively.