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Call Management (logger) Online

Telecoms is said to be the fourth most expensive variable cost in an operations P&L

Call Manager Online

A flexible web based management tool that enables you to gain instant to your telephone traffic.

Callmanager Online is an effective, easy to use telephone management tool that’s puts you in control by giving you access to your telephone call traffic reports through the convenient resource of the World Wide Web.

Our in-house site based equipment, collects the call traffic data from either your PABX, Centrex or IP Telephony system and sends the records overnight to the processing centre where it is merged with your specific company tariff rates and extension structure.  The data is then placed on the password secured website

Reports on extension usage, destination analysis, high cost calls, frequently dialled numbers and much more can be produced in accordance with the reporting criteria you have selected.

This guide has been produced to give an introduction to the reports available on a website. This booklet contains instructions on how to produce certain reports along with samples of The standard reports available.

1. Reports

Various types of reports can be produced using Callmanager Online including, Incoming, Outgoing, Abandoned, Destination, Extension, Departmental, Operator, Switchboard, Trunk, Trunk Utilisation and Ring Response. Some report creations may be restricted due to the type of PABX in use.  Therefore the reports available will be dependent on the type of information the PABX is capable of producing. Contact Intelesis for a list of PABX’s and the reports available for each.

All reports can be configured to suit your needs dependant on the fields you select. The information can also be presented in different forms including ­­graphics.

Due to the volume of reports that can be produced, we are unable to illustrate all the reports available from Callmanager Online.

The filtering / Option page is the introductory page used when selecting the criteria you wish to use for each report. This page will be similar for each type of report.

2. Features

  • Web based using latest technology
  • Comprehensive reporting options and tools for customisation
  • Fully compatible with industry led web browsers
  • Supports high quality data transfer to Word, Excel, HTML, CSV etc.
  • Secure confidential departmental access to your information
  • User friendly interface
  • On demand and archive history reporting available
  • Scheduled reporting
  • High speed report generation
  • Low cost service
  • Colour graphical representations can be produced easily
  • Limited staff input required
  • No maintenance
  • Extension billing
  • Ring response and abandoned calls report
  • Total control
  • Full incoming and outgoing call analysis
  • Free advice and helpline
  • Online directory & online help
  • VOIP option
  • Automatic report scheduler

3. Benefits

  • Identify incoming callers numbers
  • High speed daily access
  • Control and reduce costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Maximise revenue
  • Verify phone bills and compare carrier tariffs
  • Monitor fraudulent and malicious calls
  • Make better utilisation of staff
  • Reduce call costs
  • Highlight suspicious activity
  • Track after hours calls
  • Increase communications efficiency
  • Monitor talk time
  • Identify line/trunk usage
  • MIS tool
  • Allocation of costs
  • Locate unauthorised system access
  • Busy hour analysis
  • Reduces administration costs

Advantages of this system:

  • No expensive Hardware (PC) required on site to clutter your server room (http://) accessible anywhere, including your PDA
  • Monitors individual extensions for aspects such as call duration and location.
  • Pre-determined scheduled reports on longest duration, premium rate, out-of-hours calls can be provided via email at a delivery schedule designed to suit your business.

We provide a feed into your current telephone system (most IP and TDM based switches can be supported. This powerful web based billing analysis can moniot single or multi-site environments.

  • Can generate reports for multiple sites across a network to generate a single report
  • Monitors individual extensions for aspects such as call duration and location.
  • Expenditure Summary reports can be produced which measure call transaction costs, identifies areas for cost reduction, monitors potential fraud and identify trends and patterns, depending on the selection criteria you have specified

How much is my investment?

There is a one off capital investment which is based on the number of extensions, but typically starts at £699.00 for under 100 individual extensions.

There is also an annual management charge which allows end users to report as many telephone based queries to the helpdesk and automatic uploading of any carrier tariff changes.