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02 - Virtual London

London, Cardiff, Southampton, Coventry.

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A Virtual 0207 area code, 0208 area code or 0203 area code can be used instead of fixed geographic inbound 0207 and 0208 numbers. These ‘out-of-area’ codes can be used flexibly to generate extra business.

Your organisation can buy 0207/0208/0203 numbers online with our easy and secure payment utility.

This is a particularly attractive options where companies are looking to re-locate outside of London into the Home Counties, such as Surrey, Hampshire, Essex, Kent and Middlesex where office rentals are often much lower.

With the London Olympics 2012 just around the corner, companies may wish to have a Central London address and phone number as some contractors may favour companies who are actually based in London and therefore, some contractors who are eminently placed to win business may simply loose out through geography and not their skill sets.

It is interesting to note that, according to DTI small business research published in February 2007 over a three year period during 2002, London based companies only had a survival rate of 66.9% compared with over 74.0% in the South West with the next lowest region being the North East with 70.4%. This seems to be a recurring pattern across the regions over a long period of time:-'Tables 1 & 2 Regions'!A1

Therefore, to ensure that your organisation is not unfairly dis-advantaged it may be worth considering renting 0207, 0208 or 0203 numbers to capture a share of this highly lucrative capital market.

Many companies may wish to there is likely to be Companies can turn their fixed geographic number into a floating number and take it with them in order to ensure continuity of business.

To check your organisation can take its number with them just enter the number below and see whether it is possible.

Ofcom announced in 2005, that as a result of the exhaustion of ‘0207’ and ‘0208’ geographic area codes, introduced in 1998, they would introduce a new geographic area code beginning with a ‘3’ i.e. 0203.

Following extension research into Small and Medium Sized Enterprise’s (SMEs), perception of London area codes they identified that over 71% of respondents presented the London code incorrectly on company stationery in August 2004.

Moreover, only 69% or roughly two-thirds of adults in Greater London thought that there was a difference between 0207, 0208 or 0203, but of those that did, over 91% correctly identified that the difference was between ‘inner London’ and ‘outer London’

There are a wide variety of 0207, 0208 or 0203 routing options such as Call Whisper to correctly identify the originating party.

It may be also possible to divert 0207 to Spain or any other country / mobile, though small pence per minute charges may be applicable.

It may also be possible to have a free 0207, 0208 or 0203 number on SIP, the new session initiation protocol that is associated with turning your fixed numbers into IP addresses associated with the provision of broadband and then advertising these numbers. Once again, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact.