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09 - PremiumRate

What are PremiumRate Telephone Lines/SMS (PRS)?

PremiumRate services are an array of paid for content services, and value added services that are charged to your bill. There has been a lot of adverse publicity surrounding PremiumRate lines as a result of organisations such as ITV and Granada TV

These services, still sometimes commonly referred to as , were re-aligned by the regulator, Ofcom to be pre-fixed with 09.

These maybe telephone numbers, but equally there are now PremiumRated Shared Short Code Text Message services such as Text: Drink to 82050.

Unlike standard telephone calls, part of the charge is passed to the communications provider, who in turn may wish to distribute a portion of this to the end user. The PRS are routed in a similar fashion to 08 type services across an Intelligent Network (IN).

Within the U.K., these PremiumRate are administered and overall regulatory responsibility by Ofcom, but day-to-day regulation is carried out by PhonePay Plus, formerly ICSTIS (The Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services). The premium rate industry in the UK is estimated to be worth in the region of 1billion per annum, and incorporates a diverse and growing number of services. Approximately 40,000 services are in operation at any one time. These include:

Fixed line services e.g. Sex ual Entertainment Services (SES), chat, information services (including directory enquiries) and TV vote lines; and Mobile services, such as ring tones, media content and payment through reverse-billed SMS.

Various uses of the service include but are not limited to:- PremiumRate web cam girls, the setting up of PremiumRate Texts (If you want to know how to set up a text sms PremiumRate telephone lines, then phone us on ),

Intelesis provides a wide array of PremiumRate based options such as numbers for individuals and businesses and these can be discussed further with our team of experts on freephone . Using '090' Premium Rate numbers is proving to be the right move for companies of all shapes and sizes. First and foremost of course, using a Premium Rate number is a direct way to generate revenue from incoming traffic.

We offer some of the most competitive revenue rates available in the UK. Tariffs range from 10p to £1.50 per minute (including fixed cost tariffs).

Detailed Analysis reports are available.

All UK-based PRS must be advertised on 09 numbers or mobile SMS short codes. SES must be advertised on numbers beginning 0908, 0909 or 098. All options which cost more than 1.00 per minute and which may cost more than 30 in total require Prior Permission from the PremiumRate Regulator (PhonepayPlus) before being allowed to operate. The PremiumRate Service from a mobile phone will vary in cost according to the network. Once again, users should check with their network before making a complaint

LIVE CONVERSATION OPTIONS are very straightforward to set up: Your PremiumRate line is simply routed direct to your nominated options. There are no charges at any time for changing destination ID.

Please note all Live Conversation options require prior permission from the regulatory body Payphone Plus. Intelesis does this on your behalf. PRE-RECORDED OPTIONS are hosted on an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) processing platform. No equipment needs to be installed at any time. IVR enables your PremiumRate line to receive thousands of peak volume traffic. This is invaluable for options such as Sexual Entertainment Options (SES). Using IVR is an ideal way to give person the ability to access information via interactive menu options. You can also collect a variety of information from via voice recording or keypad entry. 24/7 dial-in access is provided to update content or retrieve messages. Voicemail messages can also be delivered to you via Email.

Individual managed lines are available for a one off charge, but those who are seriously looking to generate a substantial second / primary income from PremiumRate options we offer an UNLIMITED ACCESS Account where you receive as many PR lines as you need from our 500+ library along with 24/7 online statistics for a single charge of 99.99 121 Psychic Tarot Lines The person making will receive a Live 121 reading from a professional Psychic. 80% of traffic to Psychic lines are believed to be women with an average length of 8 mins per transaction & as many return again for further readings this makes Psychic lines one of the biggest money makers after adult lines

As our Live & Recorded Phone Lines operate on a sophisticated telephony platform, we can provide you with 24/7 web based control that gives you...
  • Access to Detailed Statistics;

  • Facilities to Open / Close Lines

  • Update greeting Messages / Recordings

  • Scheduling times for different Recordings

  • Your information phone lines can either run on / / prefixes or on 090 PremiumRate lines, where you can generate a greater per minute income from your traffic.

    What do do if someone phones you from a PremiumRate number and you are not happy to receive?

    Write to Payphone + @ PhonepayPlus Clove Building 4 Maguire Street London SE1 2NQ Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Or, use Payphone plus' free service to find out who has phoned you SMSus () Seen an ad for a ringtone but you're not sure how much it costs? Phone bill shows an expensive option you don't remember making? PhonepayPlus has launched SMSus - a new service that takes the worry out of buying ringtones, wallpapers and downloads, and voting for your fave TV contestant. It works in much the same way as our online number checker, allowing you to check a premium rate number anytime, anywhere, direct to your mobile phone. Simply text the number or shortcode to SMSus ( on your phone keypad). We'll text you straight back with info on how much you'll pay, the company behind the ad and how to complain, if you need to. So why not store on your phone's memory? Next time you see a number you're not sure about, text it to us and we'll tell you more about it. Just follow these simple steps: Select a PremiumRate line you would like to check (for example, a line on your phone bill that you don't recognise, or a number featured on an ad). Open a new text message on your mobile phone, type the PremiumRate number into the body of the message and send the text message to (S-M-S-u-s on your mobile phone keypad). You will receive an automatic reply with the cost of the number, details of the provider, how to contact them and how to complain (if necessary). Should you need further information about the service, please contact the provider directly on the number provided. Should you need to complain about the service, please contact PhonepayPlus by visiting, or phoning . Should information about the premium rate number not be available, you will receive a text message suggesting you contact PhonepayPlus. How much does it cost? SMSus and the the reply from SMSus is completely free. In its reply, SMSus does provide a contact number to reach the service provider responsible for the service. In many instances, this number is on the range. the person should check with their mobile operator to check how much it would cost to phone these numbers If you would like to buy a PremiumRate line, then look no further, phone us on: